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Bought it for a friend who lost her son

Black and white sleeping angel cat

It's a very nice ornament. It is a good idea as a gift to anyone that loves cats. And I love tuxedo cats!

Excellent :-)

The perfect gift for ferret lovers.

Fast and efficient delivery...

And the ferret in a cup is exceptionally sweet

Received my order today!

Received my order today! Absolutely beautiful! Seemed like it took forever to get here. Can't wait to put it up outside for everyone to admire!

Red miniature pinscher Sleeping Angel Ornament Cus

Boston terrier Out of Merry Christmas box - Shaped two sides ornament


I gave it to my pastor ,He absolutely loved it. Thank you


Which item ...can u send me a picture. Since my baby 🌈 I've ordered many items..send me a picture please Olivia DeSigio ok 👌♥️🐕


Great idea, good execution :-)

Meta Sign

Just love it

A perfect clock

This clock is a true gem. Its design is elegant, the craftsmanship is flawless, and it keeps perfect time. I'm extremely satisfied with it.

A Lovely Sign

This metal sign with my babies is simply outstanding. The attention to detail is impressive, and its durability is exceptional. I am highly satisfied with this product.

My lovely clock

This personalized design clock is truly remarkable. The level of customization is impressive, and it perfectly reflects my style and personality. I am thoroughly impressed with this clock.


I love the level of customization and its unique design. I am extremely satisfied with this clock. I will definitely buy from them again in the future.

Love them

Great seat covers. Installed easy. Looks great!

A goreous clock

This watch is simply amazing. It has a beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship, and keeps time perfectly. I am extremely impressed with it.

My wife and Daughter loved it

Thank you so much for trusting and shopping with us!

Beautiful flag. Weak eyelets

Loved the flag, the look and feel but first time out and the wind ripped the eyelet holes clean off. Want another one but heavy duty eyelets

Thank you so much for trusting and shopping with us!

I absolutely love my seat covers

The seat covers I ordered and received are absolutely beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you so much for trusting and shopping with us!

Trust God and Go to Sleep

Love it!!

Thank you so much for trusting and shopping with us!


So very please with the painting of “Jesus knocks on the Door”. It’s just beautiful. Thank you and God Bless ✝️

Thank you so much for trusting and shopping with us!


Met expectations! Powerful picture with quality finish. There were some shipping delays but Personal 89 resolved them in timely manner. I will do business with this company in the future